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Binary Zone.orgBinary Zone.org
Retro&Computer&Games related Radio Station

Binary Zone.org
currently 15 shows with a Retro Podcast, regarding c64, amiga, SNES, ... famous musicians...

Binary Zone.org
Binary Zone is a company dedicated to supporting the Commodore 64

german developer forum  USF
Unterhaltungs Software Forum, Forum der deutschen Unterhaltungssoftware-Entwicklerszene

HVSC, comlete (!) c64 sid music collection
The High Voltage SID Collection - Commodore 64 music for the masses

Acid64 hardsid player
ACID 64 Player - C64 Music Player for all HardSID devices

pvcf all releases on c64 on CSDB
the sceners and the events in the Commodore 64 scene , direct link to PVCF of Reflex64