--Professional scoring & SFX for Games and Movies-- 
--since more than 10 years--

 .: Welcome to reflex-studio.com :.

This is the official website of Reflex-Studio. We provide music and soundeffects for
computer games, handhelds, films and any other commercially orientated enterprise you can think of.

Total count: Over 60 projects finnished during the last ten years :)

We are NOT members of GEMA, SUISA, SACEM, BMI, ASCAP or any similar company.

Reflex-Studio began in 1993, composing music for games on the C64 and Amiga. With the rapid expansion of the consoleindustry and the PC, we moved to these platforms also, currently composing musical scores and sound effects on
PC, PSone, PS2, PS3, XBOX, GBA, XBOX360, IPhone, NDS, DSiWare
and others.

We are familair with following soundtools:
 MusyX, Sonics, Nitro Soundmaker, Sandbox,  Unreal Editor, Miles, Xact Audio, XNA, XM
and all you ever have heard from ^^

For the reflex64 fans of the 1993 - 1997 era, you can find all of the PVCF and reflex c64 information in the c64 downloads section.

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