Ultimate Brain Games(c) 2003 Telegames
Music by Kai Hartwig / reflex-studio
Audio supervision, additional music and
all SFX by Kai Walter / reflex-studio

The following mp3's are from UBG and are
available for download. All tracks are copyright 2003
Kai Hartwig (Conner) / reflex-studio.

| track 01 | name: "in game 10"

| track 02 | name: "in game 07"

| track 03 | name: "in game 05"


An interview with Kai Hartwig on UBG tracks.

What was the goal for UBG soundtrack ?

The music should be "relaxed" and not too
disturbing for the player because it is a thinking
game. There were no guidelines from the producer.

How many soundtracks and how long did it take ?

I composed 10 tracks each with 6 minutes play time.
The whole soundtrack is also about 60 minutes!

Tell me about the sound effects.

Kai Walter did all the Sound FX.

What were the difficulties when composing ?

I think a music track with 6 minutes running time
is really a huge thing. I had to compose very carefully
because as mentioned above the player should not
be aggitated by the music. Another point was of
course that the music should be not too boring which
is really a challenge for a track with 6 minutes
play time.

What equipment and software was used ?

For all Gameboy Advanced Productions I take new
samples from my "normal" equipment. For the
Ultimate Brain Games I mostly taken sounds from my
synthesizers because we wouldnt have much
orchestral stuff in the game.

Who worked on this project ?

Kai Hartwig: all Music
Kai Walter: audio supervision, additional music, all SFX