Demon Hunter (c) 2003 IAS
Music by Kai Hartwig / reflex-studio
Audio supervision, additional music and
all SFX by Kai Walter / reflex-studio

The following mp3's are from Demon Hunter & are
available for download. All tracks are copyright 2003
Kai Hartwig (Conner) / reflex-studio.

| track 01 | name: "hell"

| track 02 | name: "intro kurast"

| track 03 | name: "intro the wood"

| track 04 | name: "katakomben"


An interview with Kai Hartwig on DH tracks.

What was the goal for DH soundtrack ?

The sound track should reflect the soul of
the game: a dark, dangerous and most an
unfriendly place where your hero slays the demon.
The developers wanted: Diablo like sounds,
frightening, and eerie.

How many soundtracks and how long did it take ?

We made 10 in game tracks each about 6 minutes.
So we get a full 60 minutes soundtrack.

Tell me about the sound effects.

Kai Walter did all the Sound FX.

What were the difficulties when composing ?

I think the main problem was the length of the tracks.
I mean 6 minutes for each, that´s verrrrry long.
If you have tracks with that length you have to be
very careful that you don´t repeat yourself all
the time. If you do, the listener will be very tired
of your music and the composer has failed.

What equipment and software was used ?

Due to the fact that it was a Gameboy Advanced
Development I sampled from my own equipment.
Mostly I have taken orchestral samples like choirs
or deep celli and contrabasses.
After that I converted the samples to 8 bit Mono.

Who worked on this project ?

Kai Hartwig: all Music
Kai Walter: audio supervision, additional music, all SFX