Against Rome (c) 2003 IAS
Music by Kai Hartwig / reflex-studio
Audio supervision by Kai Walter / reflex-studio

The following wav is from Against Rome and is
available for download. All tracks are copyright 2003
Kai Hartwig / reflex-studio.

| track 01 | name: "Germania Gloom"


An interview with Kai Hartwig on AR tracks.

What was the goal for AR soundtrack ?

The soundtrack should be composed in a
style similar to parts of Conan, Lord of the Rings,
Diablo and some Celtic Style Tracks like Enya.
In fact each of the different cultures should also
sound different. So the huns have to sound very
demonic, the celts should be more nature bound
so the instrumentation I chose were the typical
celtic ones like flutes und bagpipe.

How many soundtracks and how long did it take ?

For the cultures of the celts, huns and the german
I have done for each culture 6 tracks each 2:30 min
long. The Romans got only 2 tracks each about
3:00 min long. All in all there is an ingame soundtrack
with about 48 minutes of fine orchestral music.
Additional there are of course the movie tracks…

Tell me about the sound effects.

The sfx were partly done by the inhouse sound artist
of IAS.

What were the difficulties when composing ?

The real challenge was to accent the character of the
individual cultures. The listener should be set in the
mood of e.g. the huns a bloody, demonic race.
So the tunes were very dark done with "souls" crying
in the background and a deep tuned men choir.

What equipment and software was used ?

For orchestral tracks there is only one real choice:
the gigastudio. I have used different sound libs for
this software sampler.

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