Muppets Pinball Mayhem (c) 2002 Digital Eclipse
Music and soundeffects by Kai Walter / reflex-studio

The following files are from MPM. They are
available for download. All tracks are copyright 2002
Kai Walter (PVCF) / reflex-studio.

| track 01 | name: "table 2"

| track 02 | name: "animal"


An interview with Kai Walter on MPM tracks.

What was the goal for the MPM soundtrack ?

The tracks had to be funny and each track should
be representative for the characters. Eg: Fuzzy
Gonzo, Miss Piggy and Kermit.

How many soundtracks and how long did it take ?

First there was planned to have 5 tables
(one table per character) with one music each with
3 minigames and the muppets theme for the intro.
So I made 9 tracks. The tabletracks should have a
minimal duration of 6 minutes.

Tell me about the sound effects.

It was hard to create the sfx. Some new sfx must
had to be created, eg the funny loop holes and the
bumpersounds. The usual pinball sfx are not funny,
so I had to create the whole thing. That took many
weeks, nearly 100 new sfx from scratch were made.

What were the difficulties when composing ?

The whole thing was very complicated: I had only
1mb for all musics, sfx and licenced voices.
Together with the rules of code I had to reduce
the sample quality down to 6khz, so all sfx with high
frequencies sounds rather poor. The music consists
only of maximum 6 channels and all tracks used the
same samples as instruments, just to save memory.

I composed the Miss Piggy song up to 5 (!) times as
the developer, the publisher, the licence owner and
others all had varied opinions.

What equipment and software was used ?

I used the MusyX by Factor5. I needed a few
weeks to learn how it worked. The interface is not
very user friendly and MusyX eats a lot of cpu-time.

who worked on this project ?

Kai Walter (PVCF) did all the sound work.