Aquanox2 - revelation (c) 2002 Massive Development
Music and soundeffects by Kai Walter / reflex-studio
Movie score by Kai Walter / reflex-studio

The following mp3's are from Aquanox2 and are
available for download. All tracks are copyright 2002
Kai Walter (PVCF) / reflex-studio.

| track 01 | name: "intro"

| track 02 | name: "ordenssoeldner"

| track 03 | name: "mystery"

| track 04 | name: "horrible underwater"

| track 05 | name: "grave"

| track 06 | name: "fight guit 4"

| track 07 | name: "fight guit 3"

| track 08 | name: "fight guit 2"

| track 09 | name: "feary canyon 3"

| track 10 | name: "feary canyon"

| track 11 | name: "deep see"

| track 12 | name: "be alone"


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An interview with Kai Walter on Aquanox2 tracks.

What was the goal for Aquanox2 soundtrack ?

The original Aquanox had an industrial techno feel
to it, which the European market liked, but the
American reviews wanted more ambiance for the
quiet scenes and heavy guitars used in the fight
scenes. I mixed these ideas and added some
'PVCF drum and bass' along with some experimental
orchestral pieces. The end product is something that
everyone was happy with. (see the reviews above).

How many soundtracks and how long did it take ?

There are 18 tracks in total, each one having a
unique feel and meaning. 5 heavy guitar tracks,
2 ambient tracks and 11 orchestral styled tracks.
Each tracks plays for around 4:00 minutes.
It took me around 5 months to complete all the
tracks, with atleast 1 month learning how to
orchestrate and blend each track.

Tell me about the sound effects.

After the success of Aquanox with its sound effects,
I had to work hard to bring out more quality, variety,
and clarity. The idea was that every new weapon
should sound more powerful, and have more realism
to it. I feel that I have accomplished these goals with
state of the art hardware, and software (self
programmed with my old friend Rainer Böhme).

For every weapon required me to created 10 - 30
different sound models each one having to interact
with others. This took many hours of work and
considering I only had 4 weeks to do this in, I'm
happy with the result.

What were the difficulties when composing ?

Due to the fact that I wanted to use Limp Bizkit like
guitar samples, I had to work with my friend &
guitarist Henning Nugel. This took some time as I
had to instruct him in what exactly I wanted achieved.
I also couldnt use a rapper as voice so I had to hold
the tunes for longer and be able mix this in and out.

After mastering this area of the composition, I had to
experiment with orchestral instruments and how
these would interact with everything.

What equipment and software was used ?

I used the following: advanced orchestra,
voices of apocalypse, drums by PVCF-drummpad1,
atmospheric leads by Yamaha MU90r performance
and roland vintage soundmodule vs1. korg prophecy
for the mystery and search the grave track-effects.

Who worked on this project ?

Guitars played, distorted, sampled by Henning Nugel.

Composing, arrangement, and mixing by Kai Walter.
Localisation afterworks by Kai Walter (PVCF)
SFX by Kai Walter (PVCF)
Movie scores by Kai Walter (PVCF)

cutting dialoges:
chef: Anja Fijalkowski
Assistants: Sven Christoph Plath, Christina Kätzler

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