Aquanox (c) 2001 Massive Development
Music and soundeffects by Kai Walter / reflex-studio
Movie score by Kai Walter / reflex-studio

The following mp3's are from Aquanox and are
available for download. All tracks are copyright 2001
Kai Walter (PVCF) / reflex-studio.

| track 01 | name: "movie 6-1"

| track 02 | name: "movie 3"

| track 03 | name: "yelling hell"

| track 04 | name: "like this"

| track 05 | name: "aqua war"

| track 06 | name: "cloud of terror"

| track 07 | name: "orchestral/ambient"


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An interview with Kai Walter on Aquanox tracks.

What was the goal for Aquanox soundtrack ?

I tried to make this soundtrack to be like
"The Prodigy", a hard techno style with breakbeat
or drum & bass. The game was supposed to be a
colorful blasting shooter which spectacular
grafic-effects and music. Unfortunately, I didn't
have any game demo's to go by, instead a few
colorful graphic pictures.

How many soundtracks and how long did it take ?

I completed 5 tracks, each track was 3-4 minutes
in playtime. The tracks needed to feel aggressive
with some additional ambiant tracks also. I viewed
the movie "The Boat" a few times to get the feel
of being submerged under the sea and to hear
the sound effects.

Tell me about the sound effects.

Producing the sfx was a big deal for me. Massive
Development wanted them better than "Unreal
Tournament" but should have the same style.
The main goal however was that the sfx should
be fun to hear when shooting enemies. The
weapons in Aquanox are lasers, guns etc, so I had
to create all these myself, having no sound library
to use.

I needed about 4 months to get the set complete,
about 2 gigabytes of sounds were created (only 20
are used, but every weapon have a hit-sound in
metal and in the ground, which should be a
characteristic for every weapon.)

Tell me about the movies.

8 in game movies, together about 20 or 30 minutes
of playtime in six or seven localisations... this task
was done in a hurry, think i need about 2 or 3 days
each movie. One day for the first and second
sfx-line and the actor, one day for the music and
one day for the fine tuning. Together with the trailer
(4 minutes) i needed about 4 or 5 weeks to get
the movies finished.

What were the difficulties when composing ?

The mastering, how to bring up the music with
distorted rap singer togehter with in game vocies
and the blasting sfx. This need about 1 month,
if i remember right, and we decided for Aquanox2
not to use rap or vocals in the music, just to give
the spoken text focus to the in game voice actors.

What equipment and software was used ?

Mainly my Kork Prophecy for the blasting 303
emulation, the Roland vs1 (vintage-sound module)
for the atmospheric leads and the mu90r for the
drumlines and breakbeats.For the orchestra
ambience track i used the Roland orchestra-sound
module oc1 and the roland string expander se1.
i recorded this with a gusPnP , every single track
and mixed it together on PC.

Who worked on this project ?

Kai Walter (PVCF):
composing, localisation, sfx, movie scores

Helmut Halfman:

Oliver Weinrich:
musical coordination

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