Name: Kai Walter (PVCF)

Resides: Dresden, Germany

Position: CEO of reflex-studio


Tell me about yourself, when did it all start ?

It started in late 1991, when i got a c64 for Xmas.
My mother bought it for me as she didn't like me
having Ninjitsu lessons :-) I immediately was
impressed with the sound of the c64 (Sid chip)
and watched many demos and listened to many
game sound tracks, in particular those by Chris
Huelsbeck, Rob Hubbard and the others.

Then what happened from there ?

After getting my c64, I realised that it was the
model with the new Sid chip (Mos 8580), so I
then bought a c128 which had the old Sid chip
(Mos 6581). After experimenting with a few
sounds, usind trackers like the DMC v4, I
decided to move up to the Amiga 500.

I did many tunes in Melon tracker, but the OS
sucks, so I got a A1200, with harddisk. Once
again I made some tracks before moving up
to PC.

My first PC was a 386 with GUS with 256kb sample
ram. I now own 3 PC's, one for the gigasampler,
one for the reflex-studio-sequencer, & one for
recording & mastering with Hoontech dsp2000.

What did the c64/Amiga scene give you ?

My whole life really, thousands of fans around the
world, an entry in to the gamescene which in turn
hopefully gives me an entry in the real movie scene.
I plan to compose in 10 or 15 years my first
Hollywood movie score.

What's the value of music in a game ?

The music can 'make' a demo/game/movie.
The music creates the atmosphere and the feel
in the game, with out this, the game is rubbish.

Who do you admire for their sound tracks ?

Danny Elfman, Eric Sierra, Jeremy Soule...

What software have you used / are using ?


Soundmonitor by Chris Huelsbeck
GMC, DMC2-4 by Brian/Graffity
Reflextracker by Reflex
LSD by Reflex


Protracker (melontracker)



What about an audio cd with your music remixed ?

No, so many people asked me that, but if I compose
I MUST do something new. I think you lack creativity

if you just remix stuff.

Last words ?

Just want to say thanks to all my fans, past and
present for all their support. :-)